Orchestra Tonight – Thursday 1/5

TIME CHANGE: 7:30 to 8:30 – this gives people a chance to eat and the advanced strings a bit more time to get ready. Remember, as a professional, you are expected to be here on time and ready to play with you parts rehearsed. Do NOT forget your music.

7:30 – Prairiesong – I need everyone on this – Julia, Bass clarinet? Work on this in your Chamber Ensemble rehearsal, please.

7:50 – Sleeping Beauty – This also has a Bass Clarinet part, plus 2 other clarinets, so Cheyenne or Julia play Bass Clarinet? Travis – top Bassoon part… Bassoon or transpose for Tenor Sax, let me know. Only 2 percussionists required for this one – Landon and William. Also work on this piece if you have enough time in Chamber rehearsals.

8:10 – Irish Legend – This has a nice piano part, which is not currently being covered. Maybe a student of Mrs. Aumann would be interested in the part (someone who is not already playing strings)? Also, Robbie, Nik, and Freddy – I need one of you on this (on drum set). Check out the recording here: http://www.jwpepper.com/10047958.item

See you tonight! Email me if you are unable to attend.

Mr. Ellis