Mr. Poland out today – Band & Woodwind Ensemble read this

For those who have lessons scheduled with Mr. Poland, please reschedule your lessons today. 

Reminder: Band students who are not continually taking lessons with Mr. Poland will be assessed in class (in front of their peers) on the new pep band music in the final week of the semester (3 weeks). Those taking lessons with Mr. Poland will receive an automatic “A” on the assessment.

With Mr. Poland out today, I will be covering the Woodwind Ensemble rehearsal at 6:00. Allie, Annie, Travis, Owen, Cheyenne, and Julia. Please be ready with your instruments and Orchestra music at 6:00 in red tiled hallway area. Have the Bass Clarinet ready as well (Jullia).

Percussion Ensemble, you will work on your own this evening. Robbie is in charge.