District 5 Chorus

A letter from the director:


Dear District V Honor Choir,

I am so excited to rehearse and perform this wonderful and meaningful program with you!

Please take some time in the coming days to rehearse with the part specific tracks that were sent to you. To better familiarize yourself with the pieces, I suggest you listen to the following examples on YouTube:

Domine Fili Unigenite           https://youtu.be/A96YHOL6UX8

Inscription of Hope               https://youtu.be/HPBEfVFxnGM

Tres Cantos Nativos              https://youtu.be/2PFhmvLh3Xs

The Seal Lullaby                    https://youtu.be/kxTghSZupv8

Make Them Hear You           https://youtu.be/76BYITRcLwg

Domine Fili Unigenite:

Lots of abdominal impulses! Fun!

Inscription of Hope:

We’ll be seeking a narrator for the opening.

Tres Cantos:

Please note the order- Primeiro/ Terceiro/ Segundo

We’ll be looking for an exciting caller at the beginning of “Segundo”

Seal Lullaby:

Get ready for sheer choral beauty!

Make Them Hear You:

Altos split pg. 8, m. 51

Sopranos split pg. 12, m. 71, 72/ 76, 77

All basses & tenors should learn the opening “solo”.

Choose only a few 1st sopranos!

A powerful statement to end our concert!


Looking forward to making great music with you!


Mr. Rhein