Friday’s Concert

Dear FA Community,

I am writing to confirm that our final concert is scheduled for 7 pm on Friday and to let you know that we are aware that this will overlap with Dacano’s Celebration of Life at Kiwanis Park, which is scheduled from 5-9 pm. A few people have asked if we would consider rescheduling the concert, but unfortunately we are unable do so. If we could, we would, but we have already pushed the concert back from its original date, and Friday is the final available date prior to graduation.

The fortunate thing is that students and staff can still attend a portion of Dacano’s celebration (as I plan to do), and we are also very understanding that there will be some students who may choose to miss the concert. Mr. Guthrie will not be holding a rehearsal before the concert so that his musicians are able to attend Dacano’s celebration prior to their performance. Members of the music program who would prefer to attend the entire Celebration of Life have been given the option to do so. We are trying to be as flexible as possible in order to accommodate and respect each individual’s decision.

It is a very difficult thing to ensure that we follow through with the events that have been planned for our students in the time frame that remains while also working with the Arno family to make sure that everyone is able to celebrate Dacano’s life. We wish that we could come up with a perfect solution, but we believe that this is the best possible option given the circumstances. I hope you understand.

At the suggestion of Mr. Guthrie and his music students, donations will be collected at the concert and all proceeds will be passed on to the Arno family. Thank you all for your amazing support of Foxcroft Academy and the Arno family. I have never been so proud to be a part of this community.


Arnold Shorey