Mr. Poland Returns

Mr. Poland, our private lesson instructor will be back this coming week. He had out for about 4 weeks recovering from a fall and then pneumonia.

ABOUT MR. Poland
Mr. Poland was FA’s Music Director from 1976 until 2004 when he retired. He can provide instruction on most instruments, voice, piano, music theory/harmony and composition. Research studies on the topic of the benefits of private lessons has shown (overwhelmingly) that they are THE BEST way to improve many aspects of musical development including: confidence, technical skill, knowledge and understanding.

Research studies have also shown that frequent lessons on a weekly or bi-weekly basis is THE MOST EFFECTIVE METHOD for improvement. You can schedule your own lessons at a time or period that is convenient for you by using a WEB based program. A STEP-BY-STEP instruction document will be available next week along with a permission slip to take home and return to Mr. Poland or Mr. Guthrie