We will be following the musical schedule set by Mr. K this week.

3:30pm:   All the tech crew is called.   We will be putting in light cues.  This is also an opportunity for the pit band to load in, set up, and rehearse for a bit together without the cast. 
5:30pm:  The CAST is called.  We will be getting you into microphones, doing some warm-ups, sound checks, etc.  At this time, the orchestra can have a dinner break. 
6:30-9:30pm:  Rehearsing all the music with the cast and pit orchestra.  Most of the crew can be dismissed at this time. 
3:30pm:  Crew is called to run-through the light cues, and we will also be adding the projections on this day.  Also a chance to prepare the stage for the work this evening.
4:00pm:  Cast is called to be getting into microphones, costumes, etc.  At this point, the pit band is also called to warm-up, get ready, etc. 
4:30pm-6:30pm:  Begin teching the show, running through and adding the technical elements. 
6:30-7:15pm:  Break for dinner.  Cast removes costumes, etc.
7:30pm-9:30pm:  Continue teching the show. 
4:00pm:  Everyone called, cast, crew and pitband.  Actors getting mic’d and into costume.  Pit band warming up.
5:00pm-7:00pm:  Dress rehearsal… running through the show (hopefully) without stopping.
7:00pm-7:30pm:  Break
7:45pm-9:30pm   Dress rehearsal, part two:  running through the show again without stopping.