Josh Guthrie, Incoming Music Director, visiting tomorrow (Wed)

Hey Everyone,

Josh Guthrie is the new music director for Foxcroft Academy, and he will be here tomorrow (Wednesday) to meet everyone!

If students are available period 1 (from 8 to 8:36), that is when he will make himself available for any questions you may have. It is a choir “A” day, but if band students can make it down the the music room, it would be a great time to meet your new music director! Mr. Guthrie will be here in the music room all morning as well to meet those who would like to come say hello.
I highly encourage students to be involved in the music program next year. The Academy is lucky to have Mr. Guthrie coming on board – He is a great teacher and is bound to do great things here at Foxcroft Academy. And, in case you did not hear: EVERYONE can be in the FA BAND next year! Band is going to run OUTSIDE of normal classes (3 days a week during the conference period). This is a momentous change – and it is a change that Band students and Mr. Guthrie can really take advantage of! 

Students – Enjoy your final day of school! – Mr. Ellis