Memorial Day Ceremonies – Select Choir & Gabby

Select Choir and Gabby… We will meet here at F.A. Monday Morning for Memorial Day at 6:45. We immediately load up and head to Monson. The Ceremony starts in Monson at 8:00 and we will be back in Dover around 9:00. Dover looks like a 50/50 chance. If Dover happens, it will probably be around 9:30 or 10:00. – Mr. Ellis

Parents, if you are wondering what happened to Marching with the band this year… Well, I guess Dover is not having a parade! Crazy! Instead, the FA Select Choir will be performing in Monson at around 8:00 (or shortly after) and we MAY be performing at the monument in Dover (unknown at this point). That is the word for now.

PS: Gabby come see me to practice TAPS tomorrow after the talent show, if possible.