Orchestra Concert!

This Friday, 7:00 at the Center Theatre…

The Foxcroft Academy Orchestra will be performing music from some of the great classical composers, including Tschaikowsky, Mozart, and Debussy. They will also entertain you with more contemporary multicultural literature that will span Irish, American, Israeli, and Spanish musical traditions. Also featured: The FA Chamber Ensembles – Brass Ensemble, Woodwind Ensemble, String Ensemble, and Percussion Ensemble. 

I highly encourage you to come to this concert if you are able. The quality of the Full Orchestra is as high as any musical ensemble that I have had the pleasure to direct in my 6+ years at Foxcroft Academy. And this particular group truly shows of what Foxcroft Academy is all about as a school.  Local students, International students, and community members; Over 30 highly talented musicians from various cultures and generations working together to produce what will surely be a concert you will not soon forget. – Mr. Ellis