Mr. Ellis Departing Foxcroft Academy

So, yes, if you have not heard already, after this school year is finished, I am leaving good ole FA to live on Mount Desert Island, closer to my family. Getting my Masters Degree, composing and playing music more often, and simply spending more time with family – these are the things I look forward to. But I sure will miss FA – the students, the ensembles, the concerts, movie days in the music room, the trip to Saddleback… I will miss it all and will forever have fond memories of my 6+ years here.

Keep in mind that you all have an exceptional Music Program here at Foxcroft Academy. That will not go away when I leave. The Music Program is well supported and we have ample time to find another highly qualified music director to take the reins. So don’t worry about things too much. Instead, lets enjoy the rest of the year! – Mr. Ellis