Orchestra Tonight – Thurs 3/22

Below is the song list for Orchestra rehearsal tonight – 6:00 start strings, 6:15 for everyone else. See you tonight! Mr. Ellis

Irish Legend (6:00 to 6:15) Strings Only
Prairiesong (6:15 to 6:35) Full Orch
Sevilla (6:35 to 6:55) Full Orch
The Girl with the Flaxen Hair (6:55 to 7:10) Full Orch
BREAK (15 minutes)
The Marriage of Figaro (7:25 to 7:45) Full Orch
Sleeping Beauty (7:45 to 8:00) Full Orch

Sleeping Beauty (Full Orch)
Prairiesong (Full Orch)
Sevilla (Full Orch)
The Marriage of Figaro (Full Orch)
Hatikvah (Full Orch)
The Girl with the Flaxen Hair (Full Orch)
Irish Legend (Strings and perc. only)
October (Strings and perc. only)
Romanian Folk Dances (Strings only)
Pavane (Strings only)