Updated Events

There have been a few changes recently – here are the Upcoming Events as of Today, March 4th, 2012 – Mr. Ellis

• March 3rd: One Act Plays and Film Festival “reprise” at the Center Theatre.
• March 9th: Select Choir at Hibbards (3:30)? Postponed… 
• March 10th: Jazz Band and Select Choir Concert at the Center Theatre.
The Jazz Band and Select Choir Concert has moved to April 28/29!
• March 16th – 18th: Saddleback Trip for Jazz Band and Select Choir.
• March 25th: Jazz Combo at the CT (2-3), playing for an art show.
• March 29th to April 7th: THE FA MUSICAL!
• April 27th – Select Choir performs at the CT for Hospice Show (evening)
• April 28th and 29th – Orchestra, Chamber Ensembles, Choir, and Jazz Band Concerts at the Center Theatre… An all-weekend concert series with all after-school FA ensembles. 

• May 19th: Outdoor Concert at FA – Ensembles TBD (Last year it was Jazz Band, Jazz Combo, and Select Choir).
• May 20th: Rain date for the Outdoor Concert.
• May 27th: Recital at the Congo Church at 2:00 (various ensembles).
• June 5th: Final Concert @ 7:00 in the FA Gym (All Ensembles).
• June 16th: Select Choir at the YMCA in the evening.