Valentine’s Day Ball Meeting Thur. 2/16 (5-6)

Parents, Students, Boosters! Meet in the music room on Thursday 2/16 (5 to 6) to go over the details for Saturday’s Valentine’s Day Ball.

IMPORTANT: We need a couple people (students or parents) to step up into two leadership roles for this event. So far, we are covered in the following areas…

Jen Cary – Coordinator for food and non-alcoholic drinks.
Mr. Ellis – In charge of Marketing, ticket sales, and the band.
William Eastman – Band and Dance Floor Lighting.
Todd Maynard – Sound Engineer.
_____________ – Decorating coordinator?
_____________ – Clean-up coordinator?

As soon as we have designated leaders for the last two areas, we can assign crews to each area. For those in leadership roles, let me know how many people you think you need for a crew, and I will assign students to your area. – Mr. Ellis