Select Choir Tonight – Wed. 2/8

Select Choir, 
I will be here at 5:00 for anyone who requires extra work on their music. The actual rehearsal starts at 6:00 and goes until 7:30. I will stay until 8:00 as well for those who would like to work on their parts even more. Individually, focus on Baba, Garden, Chili, Smiling Face, and Africa. I think others are pretty much solid.

This Year’s Select Choir Song List
I’ve Got The Music in Me
This Love
The Garden
Man in the Mirror
Baba Yetu
Chili Con Carne
Rockin Rickie Rocket
Your Smiling Face
The Star Spangled Banner

Later Possible Additions: Under Pressure, Call Me (ladies only), Piano Man, Somebody to Love, a Dubstep remix that Nik is scoring out (guys only)?