Honors Festival Choir Students – Info

This information is for Choir students attending the Honors Festival Fri & Sat

From the Director:

Here are some You Tube Videos that may help with the preparation for the District 5 Chorus.  I hope you enjoy the selections and I am very much looking forward to working with you all later this month!


Omnia Sol:

There is another recording of a 2008 All-State (click on the HQ version!) for a more expressive rendition.  I did not put it here due to the extremely lengthy web address.

Zum Gali:

There are others out there but this was the cleanest and easiest to hear the chorus.

Salmo 150:

Again, there were others but I like the precision of this recording even with the slight intonation issues.

True Light:

Soloist is awkward in spots but mostly a good recording.

The Song That Goes Like This:

Rather boring recording but clean and good sound.  However, be aware that we will “ham it up” with this song!