Orchestra and Chamber Ensembles Tonight – 1/19

For tonight, I would like to use Orchestra time for you to stay in sections with Susan, Dave, and Mr. Poland. The schedule will change only slightly… and we will still have a pizza break at 7:00. No Percussion Ensemble tonight.

• Beg. Strings (5:00), Int. Strings (5:45), Adv. Strings (6:30).
• Woodwind and Brass Ensembles (6-7) (note: no percussion ensemble)
• Sectionals (stay in ensemble locations) (7:20 – 8:15)

Below is a list of the songs that I have decided we are going to play this year. Please make sure you have parts to all of these, and then work on those that need the most work. Thanks! Mr. Ellis

Sleeping Beauty (Full Orch)
Prairiesong (Full Orch)
Sevilla (Full Orch)
The Marriage of Figaro (Full Orch)
Hatikvah (Full Orch)
Irish Legend (Strings and perc. only)
October (Strings and perc. only)
Romanian Folk Dances (Strings only)
Pavane (Strings only)