Select Choir – The Garden

Select Choir Notes and Practice Files for The Garden

m. 55-56: Taryn solo – this happens later, too
m. 66: Sop 2 drop out
m. 72: Sop 1 sing top alto harmony
m. 72: All Altos sing bottom harmony
m. 72: Sop 2 and Mr E on “Soprano part”
m. 89: All Altos on Bottom Harmony
m. 89: Sop 1 sing top Alto harmony
m. 89: Sop 2 sing “soprano part”
m. 96: Sop 1 back to regular part
m. 101: Altos now sing divided parts as written to end
m. 115: Three Sopranos sing bottom while one whistles the top
m. 127: Gabi Solo… Go Gabi!

Garden all parts
Garden Sop 1
Garden Sop 2
Garden Alto top
Garden Alto Bottom
Garden Tenor Top
Garden Tenor Bottom
Garden Bass