Orchestra Tonight

Rehearsal Plans for Orchestra tonight (Tuesday 1/3)

Prairiesong – Woodwinds, percussion, and brass are VERY important on this one. Julia, Bass clarinet, if i recall? Cheyenne on clarinet as well. Bassoon is also very important and probably needs to be transcribed for tenor sax. Please spend a little time in sectionals on this. It is a really awesome piece!

Csardas – This one also requires everyone, including all percussionists.

Sleeping Beauty – This also has a Bass Clarinet part, plus 2 other clarinets, so Cheyenne or Julia play Bass Clarinet? Travis, we need the top Bassoon part played – bassoon?  Only 2 percussionists needed for this one.

See you tonight! Email me if you are unable to attend.
Mr. Ellis