BAND: Updates and Announcements

Hey Band Students! Read below…

• First, for Wednesday night Band-O-Rama, don’t forget your paperwork. Field Trip Packet for Nov 2, 2011

• Second, don’t worry if you are a soccer player and you heard about a Wednesday night banquet… it is being rescheduled so you can attend Band-O-Rama.

• Third, we are actually playing 4 songs plus Johnny B Goode at Band-o-Rama… So we can add another song… either “The Horse” or “I’ve Got the Music in Me.” We’ll decide tomorrow morning in rehearsal.

• Forth, we have a chance to FINALLY play at a another football game on Friday (Nov 4th) in Bucksport. PLEASE clear your schedule for this game. We will probably leave right after school with the football team.

Questions? Email me:

Mr. Ellis