Support FA Music!! Rake Leaves??

If you need your lawn raked and the leaves taken away, look no further! Foxcroft Academy Music Students will come to your rescue! 

We are raking leaves to fundraise for:

• Instrument Purchases for the Music Department.
• A Performance Trip to Saddleback Mountain for Jazz Band and Select Choir.
• Festival Participation for future FA Ensembles

We will be raking leaves every weekend until snow flies!

CALL or EMAIL: JEN CARY (The FA Music Booster President)
phone: 564-7510
Please leave details: Address, phone #, which weekend is best…

Suggested Donation: Minimum Wage – plus whatever you would like to donate for the student’s hard work. Checks go to the FA Music Boosters.

Thanks, and spread the word!

Mr. Ellis,
the FA Music Boosters,
and the FA Student Music Council