Weekly Music Schedule – Sept 19th to 25th

Monday (9/19): Nothing… go work on your homecoming floats 😉

Tuesday (9/20): Pit Orchestra for Joseph (6:00 to 9:00).
Beg. Strings (5:00), Int. Strings (5:45), Adv. Strings (6:30).

Wednesday (9/21): Nothing… go work on your homecoming floats 😉

Thursday (9/22): Beg. Strings (5:00), Int. Strings (5:45), Adv. Strings (6:30).
Homecoming Celebration! Band plays at 7:15 (or shortly after). Band members in the parade use the band entrance. We will play as soon as the parade arrives, so please proceed immediately to the gym with your instruments and music. NOTE: WE PLAY FROM THE GYM STAGE AREA. Performing in the celebration is required of all band & band online students. 

Friday (9/23): PEP BAND! Percussion and Keys, set up at 5:30. All others be ready by 6:30 in the stands. Lateness will not be tolerated (and will count against your band grade). Wear school colors, a sports jersey/jacket if you have one.

Saturday (9/24): Pit Orchestra for Joseph (10am to 2pm) – there will be a lunch break.

Sunday (9/25): Pit Orchestra for Joseph (2pm to 5pm) – This may be shorter if things go well.