MLI Strategy

Strategy to plan a MLI

Most students plan a MLI following this plan:

  1. Select Culture 1
  2. Select Culture 2
  3. Select Example 1
  4. Select Example 2
  5. Find links

This is a valid strategy, however, it presents the problem that if the last step is to “find the links”, they may not exists and if the student has already put energy into developing steps 1-4 then that work is lost because new cultures need to be selected.

An alternative plan would be:

  1. Select Culture 1
  2. Determine clearly what are the musical characteristics of this culture
  3. Select Example 1. An example that include the characteristics above mentioned. Otherwise, it will not be a good example.
  4. According to the characteristics mentioned above find a second culture
  5. Find an example that matches these characteristics, therefore, also the links mentioned.

This plan allows students to work on a more firm terrain and prevents the need to undo work that does not match the MLI requirments.